English 6

The course is divided into modules. The modules are based on chapters from the text book.

After every module we see each other on a videoconference or here in Lycksele. Every meeting is compulsory! The reason for that is that you need to speak English and get as much support as you need during the course. I know that it is difficult to do that when you are at home.  During this Spring school term, there will be a total of ten meetings. Five of these ( week , 4, 15, 19 (twice) and 21) will be physical meetings where you are required to come to Lycksele, if you live in another  "Kommun" outside Lycksele. Of these Five physical meetings, three of them (week 15 and week 19 (twice) will be to do your national examinations (nationella provet)  (Speaking-week 15, Writing- week 19-Monday) and Reading and Listening-week 19 Friday).  On Monday week 4, we will have our first meeting, so it is essential we have a face-to face meeting so you get a chance to meet your teacher and classmates as well as ask question and get direct feedback. During the course we have a total of five video conference meetings. If you live outside Lycksele Kommun, you can attend these meetings at your local Lärcentrum.  If you live in Lycksele, you will be expected to be physically present for all the meetings, including the video conferences. During our meetings, focus will be on discussing work from the previous module and work you will be doing in the next coming module. All meetings are compulsory and all work is to be handed in. Every meeting marks the beginning of a new module, so please avoid letting your work pile without being done, it will be very difficult to catch up. The course ends with you taking the National Examination in English 6.

To allow you to plan your calendar a little in advance, here is a provisional copy of your course timetable. Please note that there is a possibility that this timetable might change. If it does change, you will, however, be informed of the changes in advance.

Schema för engelska 6 fjärrstudier vårtermin 2019